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Why Working Together

Why we are a trusted supplier for custom apparel

Why us

Product Quality

We carefully produce our fabrics and materials to ensure the longest lifespan possible for our garments.

Our production process from yarn to ready-made garment under one roof ensures that only highest quality products reach our customers.

Detailed Customization

Thanks to our technology a detailed customized outfit is possible. We work close to the customer to design a product that fully matches its identity.

We offer free design, quick samples and free shipping in Vietnam.

Professional Service

Smooth order process, on time delivery, steady size grading along all items and consistent color and measurements between orders.

All kinds of entities rely on us. Large and small  corporate, local and international schools, sport teams and individual athletes.

Caring Textiles

We care for our kids, this is why we conscientiously select our sources and processes in order to guarantee a final product free or harmful substances.  

Our fabrics have anti bacterial treatment, preventing the growing of bacteria in it. The fabrics used also offer sun protection range UV +50.

Small Orders

We accept orders with small quantities and we guarantee production of any item ordered in the past.

Recycled Material

Our challenge stands on offering more recycled fabrics and finally convince customers to gradually switch to ECO products. Therefore, since 2018 we offer to our customers apparel made of fabrics produced with recycled polyester.


Check our step-by-step order process and our FAQs to solve any doubts.


Send us your inquiry with your requirements

Phone Number


+84 (0) 243 717 0957


+84 (0) 283 719 9588

Office Location

19 Quảng Khánh, Quảng An
Tây Hồ,
Hà Nội, Việt Nam

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