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Sustainability Statement




The Mekong'NTO mission is to provide an apparel solution for our customers; schools, clubs and companies in a manner that enhances the quality of life for everyone who contributes to the process.

Mekong'NTO aspires to be a sustainability leader in the apparel industry. We are committed to the journey as a corporation and as human beings. We want to be an environmental leader and an example for the rest of the industry. By thinking and producing sustainably, we will deliver excellent customer service, strong financial results and position the company for a long and profitable future.

Sustainability has been at the founders’ core even before we started Mekong'NTO. Guim crossed Vietnam as part of his Electric Bicycle World Tour (an initiative that got him cycling around the globe for 3 years promoting electric vehicles with solar energy solutions back in 2009). Project Mekong´NTO started when the sustainable mindsets of Guim, Sebastià and Xavier met on that journey.

From the beginning, we’ve been exploring and taking small steps towards sustainability. Some of them are: 

  • Commitment to use local suppliers (reducing transport CO2, and supporting the local economy) 

  • Use water-based inks certified to be human and environmentally safe 

  • Make durable, long-lasting products

  • Minimize our industrial waste and have contracts with third companies for pick-up and recycling this waste.

  • Research and development of alternatives to single use plastic packaging, from exploring new materials like organic biodegradable plastics, or using strings or thin paper wrapping instead.

  • Just in time management: Mekong´NTO only produces garments once ordered, so we really adjust production to meet demand, minimizing stock and eliminating overstocks. We’ve optimized all design, sales and production processes to fulfill customer requests in the shortest time possible. 

  • Our greatest achievement is the introduction of the first recycled polyester fabrics in Vietnam. This development in our product line is a result of extensive research to achieve an exceptional technical fabric specifically designed for sports use.

Our main goals to be achieved by 2025 are to:

  • lead the recycled polyester revolution in Vietnam by producing 95% of our fabric from recycled polyester and

  • run more than 50% of our production facilities with renewable energies.

At Mekong´NTO, sustainability is the way we manage and operate our business to best serve our customers, care for the environment, secure profits and drive long-term prosperity for people and our planet.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, adopted by all United Nations Member States in 2015, provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. At its heart are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership. They recognize that ending poverty and other deprivations must go hand-in-hand with strategies that improve health and education, reduce inequality, and spur economic growth – all while tackling climate change and working to preserve our oceans and forests.

Some of our goals, commitments and achievements are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.


At Mekong'NTO we believe that as a Vietnamese company producing custom outdoor garments, school uniforms and company uniforms, we play a crucial role in driving sustainability. Of the 17 calls for action, we will help to preserve our planet and make a better life for all by actively taking part in the following ones:

Since day one we have been producing high quality garments that help our clients to perform their jobs, study and practice sports in the most comfortable and healthy way. We create garments that are carefully thought through to perform in extreme weather conditions like the ones we often experience in Vietnam.

We treat all our garments with antibacterial products, which not only helps to increase their lifespan, these treatments also reduce potential infections to our customers caused by bacteria.

The inks we use to print our outfits are water based and tested to achieve OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification, and our fabrics are tested to ensure they are free from harmful particles.

To support good health and wellbeing socially, in 2020 we established our on-line events platform with the goal to promote and encourage people to practice sport, even in the COVID 19 pandemic. MUDE RUN 10K was our first event, and many more will come.

In Mekong´NTO we treat everybody with the same level of respect and admiration. Our salaries are based on performance and skills, not on gender.


In fact, over 50% of the qualified positions in Mekong'NTO, and its factory are held by female staff. 


We are aware of the impact of energy generation on the planet. Our goal is to self-generate at least 50% of our total energy consumption in our production facilities from renewable sources, by 2030. 


We don’t believe in growth at any cost. The growth of the company must be aligned with a better way of living for all people involved in this project. Our growth must also be respectful of the environment and based on sustainability. This is why we are so convinced that using fabrics made of recycled PET is the future.

On the other hand, providing solid and sustainable jobs is important too, including a decent salary and with social protection. This is what we do in Mekong'NTO for all our formal employees. During the Covid pandemic the company did not leave any worker behind. All jobs were maintained on the same terms and conditions.


This is one of the most important goals for Mekong´NTO. We’re aware of the impact of producing polyester outfits. This is a great fiber for sportswear, but its origin is crude oil. And nowadays more than 60% of textile products made worldwide are made of Polyester.

This is why in 2015 we began our research to discover a more sustainable way to produce our products. The result is that since 2017 we have produced outfits made with recycled polyester. The raw material used in the yarns for our fabrics now comes from recycled post-consumer materials instead of crude oil. All properties are the same, just a different and more sustainable origin.

Since sourcing this recycled polyester we have encouraged all our customers, schools, companies, sports event organizers and running clubs to change their minds and to start using outfits made out of recycled polyester fabrics. We can’t reduce the amount of manufactured plastic if they don’t get in the game.

Regarding responsible consumption, we encourage our clients to produce customized garments that can be used longer, for example if the client doesn’t include dates on the product they are easily reusable or resalable at next year’s event.

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Our commitment with sustainability goes beyond our walls. To make a real change this is a project that must engage as many people, on as many levels, as possible. This is the reason why we cooperate and build alliances with companies, organizations and individuals who, like us, believe in the power of this change.

Collaborations like :

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